About the brand

Absentia Couture is a vegan, slow fashion brand located in Warsaw, Poland.

Specializing in made-to-measure steelboned corsets and fantasy costumes,
I also offer a range of clothing options for daily wear, including skirts, dresses, and animal rights-themed t-shirts illustrated by Wiktoria Kolinska and Pięknodziejka. All clothes (excluding animal rights apparel) are designed, cut, and sewn by me from start to finish.

My corsetry passion began in the early 2000s. During those years in Poland, it was nearly impossible to buy OTR steelboned corsets, and corsetry was in its infancy – very few people were engaged in it. Over the years, this topic began to gain popularity, and I started collecting corsets until I eventually learned how to make them myself.


Vegan Ethics

I’m vegan and my primary life goal is to raise awareness about animal rights and welfare. I firmly believe that beautiful, high-quality clothing doesn’t have to be crafted from animal-based materials.

In my opinion each individual can contribute to the creation of a new, better world through responsible decisions made on a daily basis.


In my projects, I refrain from using real leather, natural fur, wool, or any materials of animal origin. As of 2021, I no longer purchase real silk, and you won’t find it in my new designs. In the past, I utilized cruelty-free feathers, which were naturally shed by wild birds. We would then collect, clean, and paint the feathers ourselves. However, I have now entirely ceased using any materials derived from animals.

How does Absentia Couture align with the principles of slow fashion?



  • Opting for garments crafted by me ensures that you receive a high-quality product designed to last for years. I produce small quantities of clothing, prioritizing quality and durability. This approach eliminates the issue of excess inventory, which, in fast fashion, is often discarded if unsold.


  • All dresses, corsets, and skirts are meticulously handmade in my local studio in Poland. I strive to minimize fabric waste and responsibly recycle any unavoidable fabric scraps generated during the sewing process.


  • Fabrics featuring custom prints are locally produced in Poland using eco-friendly printing technology, with minimal water and energy consumption. The inks utilized in the printing process are water-based and adhere to the standards set by GOTS 6.0 and OEKO-TEX® 100 certificates.


  • Every product in my collection is vegan. I abstain from using real leather or wool, as these materials, despite common misconceptions, have negative environmental impacts, including the use of chemicals for preservation, greenhouse gas emissions, land pollution from animal excrement, and the substantial food consumption by animals (e.g., soy).


  • My animal rights apparel is crafted from organic cotton sourced from a supplier committed to upholding employee rights. These garments are subsequently printed locally in Poland using eco-friendly inks.


  • I am continually exploring and collaborating with suppliers that are offering ecological and vegan fabrics. Currently, I am in the process of testing plant-based materials that serve as alternatives to silk. In the future, I plan to further explore this topic and introduce more clothes made from sustainable plant-based fabrics.