About the brand

Absentia Couture is vegan-friendly slow fashion brand located in Warsaw, Poland.

I specialize in made to measure steel boned corsets and fantasy costumes suitable for fairytale photoshoots, weddings and stage shows.

In my offer you can also find clothes that can be worn on a daily basis like skirts, dresses but also animal rights themed t-shirts illustrated by Wiktoria Kolinska and Pieknodziejka.

Modern world of fashion faces many challenges. Clothes serve not only a decorative and practical function, but also a form of a message sent out to the world. We choose how we shape our closest reality, which translates into further changes.

My goal is to spread awareness of animal rights and animal welfare. I am convinced that beautiful clothes of very good quality do not have to be made of animal based materials such as wool or silk. Our comfort should not be built on the suffering and objectification of other beings.

I’d like for you to consider buying less cheap mass-produced clothes, and instead choose good quality clothes that will become your favorites and will serve you for years. ­čĺť

About Absentia

Creating has always been my passion. So far, I have realized myself in many kinds of arts and crafts, looking for what best reflects my vision of beauty. The main focus of my activity are corsets, which I have been collecting for many years and are invariably my inspiration. I combine various techniques in my creation process, such as hand-beaded embroidery, wire-wrapping, 3D printing and┬áSomebana –┬áJapanese flower making method. I attach great importance to handmade things that are often unique and exceptional.

Animal welfare is a very important issue for me. I believe that each of us can contribute to the emergence of a new, better world through responsible decisions taken on a daily basis. Personally, I am against the industrial breeding of animals and their use in the name of human selfishness.
In my projects, I do not use real leather, natural fur, wool or any non-cruelty-free materials of animal origin.

Generally, I do not use feathers, the only exception is for those dropped by birds living in the wild, which we then collect, clean and paint ourselves. As of 2021, I don’t buy real silk and you won’t find it in my new designs. I mainly use natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen and high-quality synthetic fabrics.
Privately, I am a mom of 3 cats, I love to watch Star Trek (series up till 2005), listen to coldwave and darkwave, play the piano and read works of Sylvia Plath, P.K. Dick, Lev Tolstoy and Aleister Crowley.