Bespoke corsets

If you want to order a custom-made corset, please write me an email. I accept orders for underbust and overbust corsets. I do not sew from fabrics of animal origin, i.e. silk and wool. Instead, I can offer you cotton, viscose, linen, bamboo or a good quality synthetic fabric, if you prefer. Corset linings are always made of 100% cotton.


If you have the opportunity to come for the fitting in person, I will gladly invite you to my studio in Warsaw.
For overbust corsets, I recommend to sew a mock-up first – a test corset made of cheap fabric to check how it fits and whether something needs to be corrected in the pattern. This is not obligatory, but advisable if you want to achieve a perfect fit. This is an additional cost of 120 euro + shipping. After you receive the mock-up, try it on and send me photos with your comments if you want to make any changes. Then you send the corset back to me, because I will use the same boning in the final design.


The time to make a corset depends on the complexity of the project, the availability of fabrics and the current number of orders I have. Usually it is around 3-5 weeks, unless I have to import fabrics and lace from abroad. I don’t sew copies of corsets designed by other makers, but feel free to send me your inspirations. Most of my past projects cannot be accurately reproduced due to the changing availability of materials, but I will be able to offer you something similar.


Prices for an underbust corset decorated with lace start at 180 euros. Prices for an overbust corset with decorations start at 260 euros. The price depends on the cost of materials and the complexity of the project.