Buyer’s guide


Corsets are a unique type of garment and require proper care to ensure their longevity. A new corset should undergo a seasoning process. This helps your body adjust to the pressure and aids in hardening the corset against tension. By doing so, you prevent damage to the corset and avoid any harm to yourself. I recommend seasoning my corsets for a minimum of 20 hours, preferably 30 hours, especially if the corset is significantly smaller than your size. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, and I will be happy to guide you through the process.

Selecting the corset size

It is commonly assumed that the shaping corset should be smaller than your natural waist circumference by 5 to 10 cm, especially if you do not have much prior experience with wearing corsets. The remaining dimensions of the corset (hips, underbust, and bust) should be as close as possible to your natural ones, but the corset cannot be larger, as it may stick out. It is important not to force anything and not to squeeze if you feel discomfort. A well-chosen and seasoned corset should not cause you pain. The shape of the lacing gap on the back indicates whether the corset is a perfect fit. Ideally, it should be parallel. If the gap is smaller or larger in one place, it means that a corset with a modified cut, such as more space for the hips, would be better suited to your figure.

The stays available in my collection are crafted for everyday wear, prioritizing maximum comfort. They are not designed to reduce waist circumference but rather to visually accentuate it. When selecting a stays corset, opt for the size that best complements your dimensions.

Custom corset

Corsets have been my passion for a long time and I know how important it is to have them adjusted to individual needs.
If you are interested in a corset for tight lacing or waist training, write to me and I will make a custom one especially suited for you. I will adapt the best design solution to fit your expectations. Let me know if you prefer e.g. a cupped rib cage, have a long torso or any special request.


I recommend hand washing my clothes at 30-40 degrees. Corsets are an exception – they should not be washed but instead dry cleaned. Light dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. For hygiene and your own comfort, wearing a thin cotton shirt underneath and washing it regularly is advisable.

Dresses with numerous embellishments, such as applications and beads, may also be safer to entrust to a professional cleaning service.